Want to host a "Shoulders Up Sexy" Party?

I'm looking for women who might be interested in hosting a, "Shoulders Up Sexy" (SUS) photo party!

If you're saying, "What the heck is that?", allow me to explain!

It's a party with your friends where you get photos taken from roughly your armpits up. I call it, "Shoulders Up Sexy" because, well... armpits just aren't sexy! 

How do you host a SUS party? Get a few of your friends interested, we schedule it, and we do it!

How much does it cost? The cost is $199 per person, and if you get 5 people to sign up and pre-pay, your fee is waived! 

What do you get?

- A minimum of 20 minutes in front of the camera.

- One fully edited photo, suitable for internet and social media use.

Can you get wall prints? Absolutely! Any wall prints, (canvas, metal, print wrap) can be ordered the day of the party at a reduced rate.

What is the reduced rate? Depends on how many people are at the party!

If you host the party and have one other person, it's 10% off.

If you host the party and have two other people, it's 20% off.

If you host the party and have five others, you each get 50% off any orders.

This discount is ONLY available the day of the SUS photo party!

A, "Shoulders Up Sexy" party is the perfect opportunity for some bold, sensual, empowering portraits without the need to bare it all.

Any questions, please ask!



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