...and so it began

I had been to photography conferences before, but I was determined to make this one different.  I was determined to get something more from it this time.  I was determined to soak in everything I could.  I did. 

I arrived at the hotel far before normal check-in time, so I decided to wait in the lobby with a bunch of other people.  I saw a couch full of people, most of whom had their heads down, eyes peering into their phones, laptops or tablets.  I headed straight for them.  I was about to do something that I had never done before, walk up to total strangers and introduce myself. “Hi guys, my name's Matt!”.  Still not sure who said it, but those words came out of my mouth.  It was fairly liberating, right up until 2 seconds later when the couch people looked up at me with blank stares.  Someone finally asked, “did you want us to tell you our names?”.  Well, that's usually how it works.  After the last name was uttered, I followed up with, “nice to meet you guys, have a good one”.  Instead of thinking, “OMG, that was embarrassing, I'm never doing it again!”, I thought, “that wasn't actually so bad”.  Well, that and, “F you guys! I'll find somebody else to listen to me ramble about nonsense!”.

I woke up early the next morning, and had a few hours to kill before Sal Cincotta gave his opening remarks at Shutterfest.  I was fortunate to have a huge suite, with a huge bathtub, so naturally I decided to take a bubble bath.  While the enormous tub was filling up, I decided to test my remote camera trigger.  Then I decided to test my flashes, (did I mention the tub was big?). Then I had an idea. An idea that changed my life...


A bubble bath changed my life...