Think photographers, "just take pictures"? Think again...

I was lucky when I met my new friend Sarah at Shutterfest last week. Sarah came along with a few friends to watch a quick photoshoot of a gorgeous headpiece that another one of my new friends, Heather had made.  I don't think that either Sarah or I knew that she would be posing for me several hours later, in front of one of her friends. What has happened since has been life changing, for both her and me.  

Seriously life changing.

If you don't think what we do as photographers can make a difference, you're doing it all wrong.

I asked Sarah if she would record herself seeing some images of herself for the first time. She graciously agreed. She has shared so much with me since our photo shoot, and she continues to share even more. I invite you to watch her reactions to some of the art we created together.

Models needed to help create materials for workshops!

I'm not writing this blog, click to find out why.

I'm not writing this blog, click to find out why.