Not ready for bodyscapes?  That's ok!

Not ready for bodyscapes? That's ok!

I get messages from people quite often telling me they'd love to do a bodyscape photo session, but they don't feel "ready" yet.  I understand that.  I can even empathize with that. I will never force someone to pose for photos they do not want to do, although I may relay a story or two from past clients who have said those exact words to me.  I sometimes disagree with those who say that they aren't ready just yet.  I think they are ready.  I think the fact that they have considered it, and actually written to me shows a lot. 

An alternative to a full bodyscape session is one of my, "Shoulders Up Sexy" sessions.  The photos in this very blog are the style we could work together to create.  You want fun? You got it!  You want sensual? We'll capture that! Don't want to go topless?  No problem!  Just make sure you bring your tube top! 

I'm offering 40% off my normal session fee for both, "Shoulders Up Sexy" and Bodyscape session until the end of September. That brings the session fees to $299.  This is off the session fees only, and does not apply to wall portraits or Signature Leather Albums.  If you bring a friend, you both save another $50 each.  

So, when your curiosity overcomes your fear, contact me and we can set up your session, where we will create beautiful art together.  

We are a team...

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