Bodyscape models needed...

Bodyscape models needed...

Ever wanted to be a model and be featured in a book?  

Yes?  Read on!

No? Read on anyway!

I am compiling bodyscape portraits for a book that I will start putting together shortly, and I would love for these photos to be specifically taken for said book.   Therefore, I am looking for subjects, both female AND male who would be comfortable posing for such a book, and NO, you do NOT have to be ripped with muscles, you don't need a six-pack, and you don't need Popeye arms, but do need to be over 18.    

There is a 100% chance you will remain anonymous if you wish.  There is also a 100% chance I will take a photo of you holding your driver's license next to your face, and have you sign a model release. Your information will ONLY be seen by myself and the publisher.  Final decisions on which photos are published are entirely up to the publisher.  Do you need to be nude?   No, but depending on which area of the body we are photographing, it may help.   What will these portraits look like?  Something like what you see below.  Some will be more revealing, but you will never be asked to show more than you're willing to show.  (Think Facebook's guidelines on nudity, plus a little more).  

I hear you, "Enough rambling Matt, I'm ready to sign up!".  Awesome!  Click here to fill out this form, schedule your photo shoot, then it's lights, camera, HOLD STILL!  Not much action here!  I won't be asking you to move very much, in fact, once I get you into position, I may only ask you to breathe in or out, or maybe just hold your breath, nothing too fancy!     


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