She could be your neighbor, or your co-worker, or...

Sometimes people message me wanting to know the name of someone in one of my photos.  Usually, it's a photo where the face is not really visible.  My responses often vary, but they usually consist of something along the lines of, "She could be your neighbor, or your co-worker, or your son's teacher.  She could be the manager of your bank, your real estate agent... hell, she might even be your sister!".   That last part usually stops the questioning.  Honestly, it doesn't matter if the questions keep coming, because I will never reveal the names of the people who trust me to take their photographs, unless they want that information shared.  


The people I photograph are just like you.  They are your neighbor, or your co-worker, or your daughter's teacher.  They are bank managers, real estate agents, sisters and mothers.  Some are even grandmothers!  So, the next time you see a photo and you're wondering who it is, keep wondering, because I'll never tell.  ;)  

Forget rocking someone else's world, why not rock your own world with some photos like these?  Wouldn't you like to see your personalized slideshow at your ordering session and say... "HOLY CRAP, is that really me?!".   We're the only ones who need to know... 

Headed to B-more!

Headed to B-more!

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