A Valentine? Cupid's Arrow?

I wrote this almost thirty years ago after a friend of mine told me some things that were going on in her life.  Please share this with someone who needs to read this.  Please share this with someone who needs to hear this.  You never know who you may help.

Just like before,

There's a knock on your door,

Boys in blue there once more.

The neighbors were concerned,

They made the call,

Maybe it was your screams,

As you bounced off the wall.

The cops ask,

"Are you alright?

Do you need a place

To spend the night?"

"NO!" you explain,

"I'll be fine right here".

As your husband sits back,

And sips on his beer.

"Would you like to press charges?",

Is the next thing that's said.

"No, I love him, I need him,

I'd rather be dead".


How'd you get those bruises?

Oh, lemme guess…

You tripped on the rug,

And fell on the floor,

Or, maybe this time,

You ran into a door.

"SHUT UP!" you are told,

Again, and again.

As the verbal abuse,

and the torture begin.

What was it THIS time?

The dog shit on the floor?

Or, maybe his team

Failed to post a big score.

Oh, but whatever it was,

Of course you're to blame.

Even though sometimes,

He's forgotten your name.

It's gotten routine,

One... Two... Three times a week.

Your face has been battered,

Unable to speak.

But, if you could...

You'd say,

"I love him."


The cops took him away,

Handcuffed and chained.

You, left behind,

Body mangled and maimed.

And although you lie lifeless

As they walked out the door,

They turned

As they heard you say once more,

"I love him."



I am a photographer based in Lewes, Delaware, and I love to write about anything and everything that pops into my head.  Sometimes silly, sometimes bizarre, sometimes deep.  Deeper than I want to go, but I think that if one person reads this post and gets help, then this post has been worth the few minutes it's taken me to put together.   

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