How an 80's Metal song reduced me to tears... again

Fates Warning - Guardian - Lyrics

Many of you weren't even born yet, but way back in the mid 80's I met Dale while we both were working at Clinton Fair Lanes. Yup, a bowling alley!  I was an Iron Maiden fan, his choice was Judas Priest.  We went to tons of concerts, not all metal, but all enjoyable.  Dale loved music.  All kinds of music.  I mostly loved metal, and there was nothing like the 80's for great metal.  He would go into Kemp Mill records and come out with a stack of 20 cassettes.  Some he would give me to listen to, some he wouldn't even try to get me to like, because although I was open minded, I didn't want any part of some of the crap he would buy.   

I haven't been able to listen to much music that's new to me since Dale passed away almost 11 years ago.  I'd like to say that it's just because music sucks these days, but I know it's more than that.  When I sit down in front of my computer and listen to my playlists on Spotify, (many of those songs are now almost 30 years old!)  it takes me back to a time when we were younger.  I think of the road trips to bowling tournaments with stacks of new cassettes.  I think of the concerts. I think of that cramped stairway at The 9:30 Club.  I think of the many nights spent at The Bayou in Georgetown.  When I'm editing photos, or working on my website ,  I don't want to listen to new songs, I want songs that don't make me have to think.  I want songs I've heard a thousand times before.  Songs that make me think... 

A few of the ticket stubs from concerts with Dale.

A Valentine? Cupid's Arrow?

A bubble bath changed my life...